Main Street Improvement Project



Tasks Completed:

9/3 – 9/26:  Installation of SCWA new water main

9/16 – 10/1:  Removal of all asphalt paving, curbs, concrete road base and landscaping

9/16 – 10/15: Installation of SCWA tie-overs and retirements

9/30 – 10/9:  Excavation and removal of unsuitable soil from entire length of road

9/30 – 10/4:  Installation of drainage pipes, catch basins and leeching pools east of

Mill and west of Mitchell

9/30 – 10/12: Removal of all drainage structures

10/9-10/14: Dry sewer main installed between Sunset and Moniebogue

10/7-10/25: Removal of additional unsuitable soil by bakery.

10/14-11/1: Drainage installation between Mill and Mitchell.

10/10-11/1: Conduit for electric and Verizon from Potunk Land to Glover’s Lane.

10/21-11/5: Curbing for Potunk Lane traffic circle and curbing from Potunk Lane to Moniebogue Lane.

11/5/19  Binder course of pavement from Potunk Lane to Moniebogue Lane complete.

11/23/19 Pavers and checkerblock installation at Potunk Traffic Circle complete.

11/25/19 Drainage and conduit for underground utilities complete, with the exception of Beach Lane crossing.


Two-week look ahead:

Concrete curb from Glovers Lane to Beach Road – expected completion on or about December 2nd.

Sidewalk removal, preparation and installation from Potunk Lane to Mitchell Road in progress.

Crossing from Sunset to Moniebogue will be closed from December 2 to December 5th for the installation of crosswalk pavers.

Curbs for traffic circle at Mill/Library, and roadway curbs from Mill to Beach-expected completion on or about December 11th.

For SCWA information, call 631-698-9500

For all other information, call 631-287-6000.

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