A “Draft Scope” was received on March 3, 2020.  Final Scope is due within 60 days, i.e., by May 3, 2020. 

 The Planning Board will discuss the scoping process at its March 12, 2020 meeting.  All are welcome to attend, but please note that the discussion will be about the scoping process only — no substantive comments on the Draft Scope will be entertained at March 12th meeting.   Subsequent to March 12th meeting, a schedule will be published that includes a time frame and opportunity for public participation and substantive comment on the Draft Scope prior to the adoption of a Final Scope. 

1.   Draft Scope Document Received March 3, 2020 

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2.   Planning Board’s Scoping Schedule, adopted at March 12, 2020 Meeting:

General Note:  Attendance by public at hearings may be limited due to COVID-19 state of emergency, and following dates are subject to change if emergency warrants adjustments.  Updates will be posted on website.

1.        Written Comment Period on Draft Scope:  Present through April 2, 2020.


a.        Due to COVID-19 state of emergency, no public hearing will be held on the draft Scope, and all comments are required to be submitted in writing. Planning Board members and Village Board of Trustees members will all be given copies of all written comments.

b.        All are encouraged to submit written comments to Planning Board as soon as possible and prior to March 26, 2020, if possible, but comments will continue to be accepted and considered if received by April 2, 2020.

c.        Commenters are encouraged to focus comments on the subject matter of the draft Scope, rather than on general comments relating to the project (further opportunities will be given for such general comments).  Scope-specific comments include:

i.     Addressing the potentially significant adverse impacts identified by the draft Scope.

ii.    Mitigation measures identified by the draft Scope.

iii.    Reasonable alternatives to be considered in the Environmental Impact Statement.

2.     Joint Work Session for Planning Board and Board of Trustees: March 26, 2020.

Note:  This meeting will not be a public hearing.  Written comments only will continue to be accepted until April 2, 2020.

3.     Planning Board Work Session to Consider Comments and Deliberate on Scope:  April 9, 2020

Note:  This meeting will not be a public hearing.  No new comments will be accepted after the April 2, 2020 deadline.

4.      Final Scope to be Adopted:  April 23, 2020