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2023-2024 Tentative Budget

Village Budgets

March 28, 2023
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 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Board of Trustees of the Village of Westhampton Beach will hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. at the Village Hall, 165 Mill Road, Westhampton Beach, New York to consider public comments on the 2023-2024 fiscal year tentative budget.  A copy of the tentative budget will be available for public inspection from the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office during office hours on March 31, 2023. The annual compensation paid to each elected official is as follows:

                        Mayor                                    $ 40,000.00 

                        Trustees (4) each                     7,500.00  

                        Village Justice                        23,000.00  

All persons in interest will be heard by the Board of Trustees at the public hearing. The Village of Westhampton Beach does provide handicapped access to all public meetings. Anyone needing special assistance should call Elizabeth Lindtvit, Handicapped Access Coordinator at (631) 288-1654. 

DATED:   March 30, 2023  

BY:     Order of the Board of Trustees, Village of Westhampton Beach 

BY:     Elizabeth Lindtvit, Village Clerk Treasurer



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