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Spring Leaf Pickup 2024

Posted on March 20, 2024

April 1st – April 30th 2024


We kindly ask residents and property owners to follow the program guidelines:

  • Rake leaves into a single pile at the edge of the street but not into the street to reduce hazards and enable crews to move quickly and collect more.
  • Bagging of leaves during the pickup program is not necessary but encouraged. 
  • Some homeowners prefer using leaf bags, the village does offer biodegradable bags that can be picked up at Village Hall. No plastic bags are allowed.
  • Remove stones, litter, or other landscape debris. Piles containing these items will not be collected as they can damage equipment and injure workers.
  • Avoid placing leaves in front of or on top of storm drains, drainage ditches or utility
  • Avoid piling leaves around cars, boulders, fire hydrants, trees
  • Avoid parking on top and/or adjacent to the leaf piles. To avoid damage, leaf piles near vehicles will not be picked up.
  • Branches must be placed in a separate pile at the roadway edge and individual branches may not exceed 3 inches in diameter, and no longer than 3 feet in.
  • No large/oversized branches or stumps.
  • Leaf piles that are mixed with grass trimmings, branches, brush, or other yard waste will not be collected under the leaf collection program.
  • Any piles left out after April 30th 2024,will not be picked up and must disposed of by the property owner(s).
  • The Village of Westhampton Beach is NOT included in the Town of Southampton leaf “voucher” program.
  • Any property that requires a larger than average pile of disposed leaves must arrange with DPW staff prior to piling leaves at the edge of roadway. Homeowners may be held responsible for their landscaper’s actions.

Program details are subject to change and/or cancellation due to future weather restrictions, “state of emergencies” and/or staffing restrictions.

The Leaf/Brush program is a long and extensive program that requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. We kindly ask that you be patient as we will do a couple rounds for disposal, and it may take a week or so to come back around. Should you have any questions, concerns, and/or compliments please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works at 631-288-1211.

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