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Whole House Demolition Requirements

Permit Requirements

  1. BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION FORM AND FEE: Completely filled out, signed and Notarized. The fee for the demolition permit is $100.00.
  2. PLOT PLANS: Submit three (3) copies of the survey showing all the structures to be demolished; Project Limiting Fence including haybales and silk fence, if necessary; and
  3. Construct Entrance and Exit point along with material for apron.
  4. OWNER’S AUTHORIZATION: Submit letter from property owner acknowledging the proposed demolition work and authorizing the contractor, architect or engineer to act as owner’s agent on all matters concerning this permit.
  5. DEED: Submit copy of current owner’s most recent deed.
  6. CONTRACTOR’S INSURANCE CERTIFICATE: Submit current copy of demolition contractor insurances (Worker’s Compensation, Disability and General Liability Insurances)
  7. CONTRACTOR’S LICENSE NUMBER: RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES ONLY WHERE STRUCTURES WILL REMAIN: Submit current copy of Contractor’s Town of Southampton Home Improvement License.
  8. ELECTRIC DISCONNECT LETTER: Submit letter from PSEGLI stating that ALL electric to the structure has been turned off and disconnected at the street side; or Temp Service CC from Southampton Town Electrical Inspector for temporary relocation to H-frame or pole.
  9. GAS DISCONNECT LETTER: Submit letter from National Grid stating that all gas service(s) to this structure have been turned off at the street, if applicable
  10. WATER DISCONNECT LETTER: Submit letter from Suffolk County Water Authority that water service to this structure have been turned off at the street.
  11. ASBESTOS SURVEY REPORT: Submit asbestos survey report prepared by a New York State Department of Labor Certified Asbestos Inspector. If Asbestos samples were taken, submit the test results from a New York State Certified Monitoring Firm or Laboratory in accordance with New York State Labor Law (Ind. Rule 56).

Rules and Regulations

Demolition work shall not begin until the applicant has submitted all of the required documentation and a permit has been issues.

  • The applicant shall carefully answer all applicable questions on all forms.
  • Illegible and unreadable forms or surveys will NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • Submittals must be provided to the Building Department prior to the issuance of a Building Permit to the property owner for demolition work.
  • Construction materials and debris will not be permitted to be buried.
  • All foundation walls and footings are to be completely removed and inspected by the Building Department before back filling.
  • All depressions on the site caused by the removal of any material must be leveled off with clean suitable materials as determined by the Building Department.
  • Grade must be stabilized with vegetation for final sign off.
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