During the winter months the Highway Department will occasionally receive calls regarding damage to mailboxes either from snowplows directly or from the force of snow being thrown by the plows. Remember, snowplows can hurl hundreds of pounds of snow in one pass. If damage is, indeed, caused by snow removal, it is not done intentionally, but is an unfortunate consequence of snow removal. It is understood that mailboxes must be placed on the highway right-of-way; however, this does not grant people any legal rights in the highway when needed for highway purposes. According to New York State\\\'s Highway Law, when the necessities of keeping the highway open conflict with the reception of mail, the latter must stand aside. Under the law, a homeowner could even be required to remove the mailbox and are also not subject to repair by the municipality.


Local Waterfront Revitalization Project


165 Mill Road
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Waterfront Survey

We are excited to announce that the Project Website and Waterfront Survey for the Westhampton Beach LWRP are now live! A press release will be issued today to a variety of local news and community organizations.



The purpose of the survey is to gather input from residents, business owners, property owners, visitors and other community stakeholders about their needs, vision and priorities for the future of the Village of Westhampton Beach waterfront. This information will help shape the vision and potential projects to be considered within the LWRP.



The Village of Westhampton Beach has received a grant in the amount of $56,250.00 to establish a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan with Harbor Management and Water Management Components.

The Village seeks to develop a Local Waterfront Revitalization Program, the LWRP will address the full range of coastal issues affecting the Village of Westhampton Beach including nitrification, natural resource protection, open space preservation, watershed management, waste and storm water management, ground water recharge, flooding and erosion management, coastal zoning, commercial and recreational shell and fin fisheries, capital projects and resort waterfront business revitalization.

Preparation of the LWRP will be overseen by members of the Village's Board of Trustees, the Village Clerk, the Village's Building and Zoning Administrator, members of the Village's Conservation Advisory Council, Chamber of Commerce representatives, representatives of the NYS Department of State; this will also be know as the Waterfront Advisory Committee.

The project will involve participation by citizens groups, baymen, local economic development interests, marine industries, environmental protection and historic preservation interest and other stakeholder group.



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