Village Property Taxes are due each year by July 1st!

Taxes are collected annually from June 1 and payable through July 1 without penalty. Any payment made after July 1 will incur a penalty per New York State Real Property Tax law 1438.

Any questions please call Jennifer Gaudiello at 631-702-1555.


Alarms & Alarm Systems

The Purpose of this Village Code is to establish standards and controls for the various types of fire, intrusion, holdup and other emergency signals from the fire and police alarm devices that require Fire Department of Police Department response, investigation of safeguarding of property at the location of an event reported by a signal which transmitted by telephone or radio to the Fire or Police Department from a central alarm station or to another recipient off the premises.

False Emergency Alarm is any signal actuated by an emergency alarm to which the Police or Fire Department responds, which is not a result of a fire, holdup, robbery or other crime of emergency.

An alarm installation shall not be installed, operated or maintained on premise within the Village of Westhampton Beach unless the owner, tenant, lessee or occupant of such premises shall first obtain and maintain in effect an alarm permit for such alarm installation issued by the Mayor of the Village of Westhampton Beach.

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