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Conservation Advisory Council

On July 1, 1985 the Board of Trustees adopted a local law to amend Chapter 11 of the Village Code entitled “Conservation Advisory Council”, and this local law contained provisions for the creation of a Village Advisory Council whose members are to serve without compensation and on July 8, 2015 the Board of Trustees appointed the current Advisory Council as follows:


Patti Schaefer – 1 Year Term as Chairperson to expire June 30, 2024, Re-appointed to a 2 Year Term to expire May 31, 2024.

Council Members

Raymond Dowd – 2 Year Term to expire May 31, 2025

Dawn LaDu – 2 Year Term to expire June 30, 2025

Jim Badzik – 2 Year Term to expire June 30, 2024


“The Conservation Advisory Council has regularly scheduled meetings on the first Friday of each month”

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