Village Property Taxes are due each year by July 1st!

Taxes are collected annually from June 1 and payable through July 1 without penalty. Any payment made after July 1 will incur a penalty per New York State Real Property Tax law 1438.

Any questions please call Jennifer Gaudiello at 631-702-1555.




165 Mill Road
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978
Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


The Village Clerk is subject to the direction and control of the mayor. However, state law imposes numerous responsibilities upon the clerk, most of the village clerk's duties are set forth in, Village Law 4-402 which provides as follows: "Custody of books and records, Minutes, Local Legislation, Order to Pay Claims, Transmitting Funds, Production of Books and Records, Notice of Defect and Oath of Office". Contact for information on the Village budget and fiscal reports, Trustees meeting agendas, Local Laws, public notices and civil service hiring procedures. Coordinates applications for Special Exception permits, Outdoor Dining permits, Outdoor Music permits, and requests for access to Public Documents. (FOIL) Responsible for the issuance of death/birth certificates and burial permits as Registrar of Vital Statistics. Coordinates grant applications and funding reimbursements from federal, state and county programs. Designee to accept Notice of Claims. Licensed Notary Public.

Secretary to the Mayor

Contact for information on community events, Village Beaches and local recreational activities. Schedules appointments for the Village Mayor. Coordinates applications for the Use of Village Property/Facilities and Village billboards. Schedules weddings to be performed by the Mayor and Marriage Officer. Prepares marriage certificates, Official Proclamations and Certificates of Appreciation. Processes annual Sanitation Licenses, Street Opening Permits, and Towing Licenses. Provides secretarial support for Mayor, Trustees, Village Clerk and office staff. Sub-Registrar of Vital Statistics.

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