DPW Park Closure Notice: Village of Westhampton Beach Ria Del Bene memorial playground will be unavailable to the public beginning May 13th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we are eagerly awaiting completion on the construction on our brand new “more inclusive” playground expected early Summer 2024.        

Sewer System


Village Hall

After six years of planning, engineering, and negotiating, we began the construction of our sewer project April 2021, bringing us one step closer to improving the quality of our waterways and ensuring the economic vitality of our Main Street.

The sewer system will eliminate 5,000 pounds of nitrogen each year from our bay, representing a 24% reduction.  It will also alleviate some of the restrictions on our downtown, allowing for a occupancy of the apartments above the Main Street shops, and expanded dining opportunities.

We’ll be connecting our collection and conveyance system to the County’s wastewater treatment facility located at Gabreski Airport, furthering the State’s goal of shared services, and saving millions of dollars by not constructing our own plant.

We pursued grants with the NYS DEC, the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation and the Southampton Town Community Preservation Fund, and were awarded close to $11 million which will cover most of the costs of construction.

All of the environmental quality features incorporated into our recently completed Main Street Reconstruction Project including new drainage, hydrodynamic separators to filter rain runoff, permeable pavers and LED lighting, combined with the positive effects we can expect from the sewer system will go a long way towards improved water quality and protecting our environment.

Maria Z. Moore, Mayor

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