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  1. Seasonal Slips are available to Westhampton Beach Village Taxpayers only. Vessel registration must be in taxpayer’s name.


  1. Owners and/or guests of vessels paying seasonal rates may not live aboard for more than fourteen (14) consecutive nights.


  1. No vessel shall be permitted to use or be located within the Municipal Yacht Basin unless the toilet facilities of said vessel comply with United States Coast Guard standards and any other applicable regulatory control. All vessels must be registered and insured.


  1. No garbage or refuse of any type shall be discarded in the Yacht Basin. Use of trash receptacles is required.


  1. There shall be no excessive use of fresh water in washing down boats. Washing of cars and trucks is prohibited.


  1. When entering or leaving the Yacht Basin, speed shall be dead slow. The speed limit for vehicles on the roadways utilized within the marina is 10 mph.


  1. Excessive noise or the playing of music which may interfere with the comfort and repose of others in the Yacht Basin, is prohibited.


  1. Bulk fuel delivery is not permitted.


  1. All Dogs on the premises of the Yacht Basin shall be fully controlled by the owner or some other person in charge by means of a rope, leash, or similar device. Dog owners must pick up after their dog (Village Code Section 103-2.1). Violators are subject to a fine not exceeding $250.00


  1. April 15th is the first day seasonal boats may be put in their assigned slip. All boats must be removed from the Yacht Basin by November 1st each season or they will be impounded at owner’s expense. Dates subject to change in emergency situations.


  1. All boat spaces when not in use can be rented by the Dockmaster. If a seasonal boat is placed in its slip after June 15th, the Dockmaster must be given 7 days’ notice. Owner is required to notify the Dockmaster when the slip will not be in use for more than three consecutive days. Owners must respond to Dockmaster inquiries regarding use of the slip in a timely fashion.


  1. There will be no refunds on any seasonal, unused slip space deposits.


  1. No transients will be allowed for stays longer than fourteen days. Pre-payment of five days for reservation is required, which may be refunded upon the Dockmaster’s discretion. Transient slip reservation payment must be made when slip reservation is confirmed.  Payment may be made by credit card, cash or check during normal business hours.


  1. WAIT LIST – upon receiving notice of availability of slip space, the taxpayer has 10 days to submit to the Village the proper fee or their name will go to the bottom of the Wait List, or the taxpayer may request to be removed from the list.


  1. Village tables are not to be moved, as they are to be used by all residents. No tables or grills are allowed on the deck.   The use of gas grills aboard owner’s vessel while docked is prohibited.  No additional objects, including tents, are allowed on Village property without written permission from Dockmaster.


  1. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Slip space is not assignable or transferable.  Any violations of this restriction shall result in forfeiture of any rights or privileges, including monies advanced and prepaid under the Fee Schedule.  Any unauthorized boat or craft shall be towed away or impounded at the owner’s expense (Local Law #5/2003).


  1. These rules and regulations shall be enforced by the Dockmaster, Police Department or any other such individual as may be designated by the Board of Trustees for that purpose. Any violation of these rules shall subject the offender to immediate expulsion from the Yacht Basin regardless of the time of day or night and, upon such expulsion, there shall be no refund of any fees paid.




  1. The life jacket loaner station is available for all boaters in the Yacht basin; you may use the life jacket for the day and return it when you are finished.


  1. Any Seasonal or Transient boat owner’s proposed additions or changes to any portion of the marina bulkhead, deck, facilities or surrounding park area shall first be approved in writing by the Village’s DPW Superintendent. In addition, any such additions or changes, including finger piers or permanent fixtures must be installed at the boater’s expense by a licensed and insured contractor and will become the property of the Village of WHB.


  1. All owners are responsible for maintaining, securing, and bailing out their own vessel. All owners are responsible for damage to the facilities done by their vessels.


  1. The Village reserves the right to take all corrective action to ensure the safety of all docks, vessels, and waterways at the owner’s expense. No liability will be assumed by the Village if it is required to take such action.


  1. All owners are required to maintain an updated emergency telephone number with the Village.


Adopted 11/4/2021

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