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 The Village of Westhampton Beach Department of Public Works will begin the Fall brush pick up on Nov. 1st. Leaves and brush may be put out at curbside in separate piles during the month of November and up until Nov. 30th. DO NOT place your leaves and brush on the road! This is a serious traffic concern. Small branches cannot exceed 3 inches in diameter and 3 feet in length. Yard clearing is not acceptable for pick-up. No grass clippings allowed. Mixed piles will be bypassed. 

Biodegradable, paper leaf bags will be available at the Village Office and property owners are urged to utilize this service. Due to environmental regulations at Landfills, these paper bags are preferred over plastic ones. Please refrain from using plastic bags.  

Brush and leaves put out after Nov. 30th WILL NOT be picked up; owners/residents will be notified to remove them from Village street right-of-way.

Due to other regulations at the various dump sites, the Department of Public Works will not pick up tree stumps, household garbage, household furnishings, rubble or landscaping debris.  





Tasks Completed:

9/3 – 9/26:  Installation of SCWA new water main

9/16 – 10/1:  Removal of all asphalt paving, curbs, concrete road base and landscaping

9/16 – 10/15: Installation of SCWA tie-overs and retirements

9/30 – 10/9:  Excavation and removal of unsuitable soil from entire length of road

9/30 – 10/4:  Installation of drainage pipes, catch basins and leeching pools east of

Mill and west of Mitchell

9/30 – 10/12: Removal of all drainage structures

10/9-10/14: Dry sewer main installed between Sunset and Moniebogue

10/7-10/25: Removal of additional unsuitable soil by bakery.

10/14-11/1: Drainage installation between Mill and Mitchell.

10/10-11/1: Conduit for electric and Verizon from Potunk Land to Glover’s Lane.

10/21-11/5: Curbing for Potunk Lane traffic circle and curbing from Potunk Lane to Moniebogue Lane.

11/5/19  Binder course of pavement from Potunk Lane to Moniebogue Lane complete.

11/23/19 Pavers and checkerblock installation at Potunk Traffic Circle complete.

11/25/19 Drainage and conduit for underground utilities complete, with the exception of Beach Lane crossing.


Two-week look ahead:

Concrete curb from Glovers Lane to Beach Road – expected completion on or about December 2nd.

Sidewalk removal, preparation and installation from Potunk Lane to Mitchell Road in progress.

Crossing from Sunset to Moniebogue will be closed from December 2 to December 5th for the installation of crosswalk pavers.

Curbs for traffic circle at Mill/Library, and roadway curbs from Mill to Beach-expected completion on or about December 11th.

Paving from Moniebogue to Beach-expected completion on or about December 14th.

For additional information, call 631-287-6000.



Westhampton Beach Parking Map








Please view our NEW “Water Conservation Information” page under COMMUNITY LINKS.

The Suffolk County Water Authority this summer is joining the Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection and dozens of dedicated organizations in urging Long Islanders to take steps to conserve water. The “Our Water Our Lives” campaign is currently underway to help Long Islanders understand the value of our precious drinking water supply and the easy steps you can take every day to preserve it for current and future residents. 

Please take a minute to go to the “Our Water Our Lives” website at this link to take the pledge and learn what you can do to save water. You’ll not only be taking part in a communal effort to preserve the underground aquifer system that provides 100% of our drinking water, but you’ll save money on your water bill, too.


The below link is to the Southampton Town Community Preservation Fund’s Innovative and Alternative On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems (IA/OTS) Rebate Program website, which has a tool to determine whether a parcel is eligible for the rebate and/or if the I/A system is mandated.  Also on this webpage is the link to the rebate application with instructions.


The link below is to the map of the Village of Westhampton Beach illustrating the high and medium priority areas, as identified in the CPF Water Quality Improvement Plan.

Click Here to View Map of Westhampton Beach


The Mayor and Village Trustees are asking you if you haven’t already to please sign up for the NIXEL notifications from the Westhampton Beach Police Department, you will be notified of traffic issues regarding the Beach Lane Bridge and Jessup Lane Bridge closures by Suffolk County for repairs starting this Spring. You can find the NIXEL information on the Village website home page.Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Maria Z. Moore, Mayor