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The Village of Westhampton Beach Department of Public Works will begin the Spring brush pick up on April 6th.  Leaves and brush may be put out at curbside in separate piles during the month of April and up until May 1st.  DO NOT place your leaves and brush on the road!  This is a serious traffic concern. 

                        Biodegradable, paper leaf bags will be available at the Village Office and property owners are urged to utilize this service.  Plastic bags are no longer acceptable, therefore do not use them. 

Due to regulations at the various dump sites, the Department of Public Works will not pick up tree stumps, household garbage, household furnishings, rubble or landscaping debris.  Yard debris is defined by leaves and dead foliage, not yard clearings.  Mixed piles of brush have to be separated from leaves and sticks.  Small branches cannot exceed three (3) feet in length and three (3) inches in diameter. 

Dated:  March 26th, 2015              BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES

              April 2nd, 2015                    OF THE VILLAGE OF WESTHAMPTON BEACH

                                                               By: Elizabeth Lindtvit, Village Clerk


Second Annual E-waste Collection

April 9, 2015 – Westhampton Beach, NY – The Second Annual Westhampton Beach E-waste Collection is scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 9am – 4pm at the Village Green in Westhampton Beach on Beach Road just behind the Post Office. Look for the ecoTech Truck. “Laws have changed in recent years and many people don’t even realize it. It is against the law to just throw your old phones, faxes, tablets or computers in the garbage. You need to properly dispose of them,” comments Beth Ann Felshman, one of the organizers of the Earth Day Festival in Westhampton Beach. “We started this program last year with ecoTech Management when we learned that e-waste is a significate contributor to ground water contamination and wanted to give our community a way to properly dispose of their electronics and tech stuff. I don’t think anyone ever thought about it before.”

What is collected? All your older office equipment including phones, faxes, printers, modems, VCR/DVD players, small appliances. Check out the list below.


·       PC Towers / Servers (Complete)·       Laptops (Complete)·       PC Towers/Laptops Incomplete (Multiple parts missing)·       Keyboards, Mice, Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines·       CRT·       Televisions·       Motherboards/PC Boards

·       High Grade Boards

·       P4 Motherboards

·       Chinese Grade Colored Motherboards

·       Hard Drive Boards

·       Mid-Grade Boards

·       Low-Grade Boards

·       Hard Drives

·       Power Supplies, with wire

·       Power Supplies, without wire


·       Laptop Batteries·       Cell Phones (Batteries Removed)·       Memory·       Processors·       Switches/Routers·       Telephones·       Wire (depending on copper recovery)

·       Fans

·       UPS

·       CD/Floppy Drives

·       AC Adapters (Without Wire)

·       Heat Sinks (Copper ONLY)

·       Heat Sinks (Aluminum ONLY)

·       Heat Sinks (Aluminum and Copper NOT sorted)

·       Heat Sinks (Aluminum with Copper)


If you have a lot of electronic things that need to be disposed of and cannot make it to the E-waste collection, please email us at whbearthday@gmail.com and we will come pick it up for you. If you have questions about New York State recycling regulations or ecoTech’s certifications, call them at (631) 567-2727 to speak with an electronics recycling expert today.





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